Responsible and sustainable practices are not new to Sierra Valley Almonds or to our wide range of Growers farming throughout the San Joaquin Valley.  We align ourselves with likeminded producers, who share our commitment to protecting and promoting our way of life.  California Agriculture feeds the world… and Almonds are one of the top 10 agricultural commodities produced in this great state!  Almond growers recognize the necessity of proper farming techniques to protect our natural resources, while producing some of the most nutrient dense foods to pass along to consumers throughout the world.

  • Implementation of on-sight Solar energy system to offset annual consumption.


  • Promotion of California Almond Stewardship Platform (CASP) set forth by the Almond Board of California.


  • Responsible water usage.  California farmers are well known for their use of micro irrigation systems – with ever increasing water regulations, farmers have been focused on advanced irrigation practices for many years.

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